HAED Rotation

Sunday, February 26, 2012

12 Hour Stitchin & TUSAL

Yesterday was the 12 hour stitchin at my LNS.  We had a great time & I got alot of stitching done. I bought the fabric for another HAED The Traveler. I wanted to get the fabric for Village Bookstore also but she didn't have a big enough piece. She is sending an urgent order as I need the fabric by April 1.
I am still stitching on The Universe in a Jar & loving it so it's going to stay out again.
I know I'm a little late this month but my TUSAL is filling up quite nicely.
Okay enough blabber. Here is the important part. The pictures.

I almost forgot the update on the Death Star.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hermitting Weekend

Since I was a good girl & did all of my errands last weekend & during the week I am staying in and hermitting all weekend.
I am still hooked on The Universe is a Jar so it will stay out for another week. Yesterday I had a good stitchy day & did over 400 stitches. Hopefully today will be as good.
I am planning on making 15 Bean Soup &  a Pork Roast today. That should feed us for a couple of days anyway. It's nice to have something like soup in the fridge for the nights (most) when I come home from work & am too tired to cook. The microwave is a wonderful invention.
Next Saturday 2/25/12 is the 12 hour Stitchin at my LNS. Can't wait. Good food, good company & lots & lots of stitching & stashing. I will be picking up the fabric for The Village Bookstore so I will be all ready to go on April 1st.
Enough for now. The pics this week are my progress on The Universe in a Jar & DH's progress on the Death Star Lego.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Morning It's Sunday Again

I have been stitching on Universe in a Jar-Randal Spangler (HAED) this past week. I have been enjoying it so much that I have decided to keep it out for at least another week. Blows my rotation slightly but what can I do. I'm hooked on it right now. The others will still be there when I'm over my obsession with this particular one.

Thanks to all that voted about my April 1st start. It will be Village Bookstore which won by a landslide. I'm getting excited about starting that one now but don't have the fabby yet so can't.

My husband Jim who is retired also stitches & Bob shamed him into starting an HAED on April 1st also.He will be stitching Echo of the Buffalo. (picture will follow). Jim also does Legos as a hobby & I have included a picture of his latest finish & the one he is starting today. Also included is a picture of the cross stitch he is working on right now. (excuse the hoop marks-I told him to take it off when not working on it but will he listen to me NO.)

I'll quit boring you now & get to the good part. Pictures.

Universe in a Jar on 2/5/12

Universe in a Jar on 2/12/12

Heavy Going Grizzley

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Singing the Blues

Today started early or should I say yesterday ended late. I stayed up until 1:30am trying to finish the blue on the curtain. Almost there but couldn't stay awake any longer was dozing with needle in hand. So off to bed I went & then I couldn't sleep. Finally dozed off around 3:30am only to have Elvira decide it was time for me to get up & play at 5:30am. I managed to stave her off until 7 but it was touch & go for awhile. She is very insistent. She even tried to get DH up which is harder than getting me up.
On the stitching front the evil blue curtain top is almost finished. I should be able to finish it in its next turn in the rotation.
I also need opinions & I know you all have them & aren't afraid to share them. On one of my yahoo groups
2muchxs@yahoogroups.com  we are going to be doing a SAL in support of Michelle @ HAED (she has been dealing with pirating issues). I just ordered 3 new charts & I need to decide which one to start on April 1st when the SAL begins. Opinions please. The candidates are as follows:
Village Bookstore
Cooking by Candlelight

Without further ramblings here is last weeks progress on Computer Catastrophes.

I also couldn't close without a picture of one of the children. Brandi was keeping my stitching chair warm for me.