HAED Rotation

Monday, October 22, 2012

IHSW Progress

I made good progress on Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate. Finished the piece of the book next to the cat's head & started filling in on the cat's face. Hope to get at least one eye done on this round of rotation.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just a short one

Just a short update today. Wanted to show progress on The Astronomer by Myles Pinkney. He has been put away now and until Oct 25 I will be working on Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate by Randal Spangler. Then on Oct 25 silly me will be starting another SAL with one of my FB groups. We are doing a LOTR SAL. I will be starting Gandalf by Tom Cross. (HAED of course.) Oct 25 was chosen for the start as that is the day that Frodo started his adventure.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

The Astronomer by Myles Pinkney
Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate by Randal Spangler

Gandalf by Tom Cross

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I'm Bacccccccck

Wow it has been awhile since my last post. Sorry about that. I have been contacted by a couple of people to tell me I haven't posted since July. I think about posting every Sunday and then I pick up my stitching and posting just goes out the window. Nothing really exciting going on here. Just the same ole go to work,come home, go back to work. I have been managing a fair amount of stitching though. I have started stitching on my lunch hour at work. I have 3 small (for me anyway) projects that I rotate at work. Also I have a new work shift 10am to 7pm which I love so I have stitchy time in the morning. This is a good thing because a lot of the time I am too tired to stitch at night. I have mostly recovered from the pneumonia but now DH has it. Why are men such babies when they are sick. Geez rub some dirt on it and carry on. He is on the road to recovery now though.
Speaking of DH we just celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary. I can't believe I haven't smothered him yet. Nothing major just lunch out as I took the day off work.
He has also not done much on his Legos or stitching this summer he is starting to get back to them. No stitching yet but he has built a couple of Lego things.
All the pets are doing well. I was trying to get a picture of Elvira for this post but she would not cooperate. I will post a picture I took last week.
Okay enough boring you. Time for pictures. Lots of pictures. In no particular order since I don't feel like fighting with blogger today.

Midieval Shelf by Randal Spangler

What the heck is this?

The Astronomer by Myles Pinkney

Egyptian Tower by Mike Vickery(Lunch project)

Latest Legos by DH


Universe in a Jar by Randal Spangler

Village Bookstore by Randal Spangler

Sundae Delight by Randal Spangler

Afternoon Tea by Randal Spangler

My Babies

SK History of Chocolate (Lunch project)

Reading by Firefly Light Randal Spangler
Bhyr Deeze by Long Dog Samplers(lunch project)

See I told you I have been stitching alot