HAED Rotation

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Productive Stitching Week

I had a very productive stitching week just past. I was home sick from work so made some major progress on my HAED for the week Midieval Shelf.
I am getting better now so back to work on Monday. Afraid there won't be as much progress this week on Computer Catastrophes.
I have also included a picture of my big red stitching buddy. She is actually laying in the chair next to me but all you can see in the picture is her head.
Also big news on the kitten front. Elvira who is just 8 months old killed her first mouse this week I am such a proud Momma.
I also thought everyone might like to see what my blobs that I post each week will look like when finished so I will be posting a picture of the chart cover photo with each one from now on.
So without further ado here are this weeks pictures.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've been on a Treasure Quest

Not really but I have been stitching on Treasure Quest by Randal Spangler (HAED) this past week. I made some decent progress. A little over 1000 stitches. This one I am doing a little differently than the others. When I pick up a project each week I let it tell me where to stitch on it. I may see a group of symbols that I haven't stitched yet & they look interesting so I will stitch there. My preferred starting place is the lower left corner but on some of my HAED's I have started in the upper left as suggested. On Treasure Quest as I was working on it I decided to outline it. I have stitched a row all the way to the bottom on the left had side,then across the bottom & I am currently working my way up the right hand side. We shall see if everything meets when I get across the top to join with what I have already stitched in the upper left.
This coming week I will be stitching on Midieval Shelf. This is a relatively new addition to the rotation so not alot done yet. This one is telling me so far that it wants to be stitched across the top first so that's what I shall do. Demanding aren't they.
We have also had our first significant snowfall this weekend. As far as I'm concerned it is enough. I hate driving in it & I have a 20 mile commute to work. Hopefully the ice & snow on the roads will be gone by Monday.
Enough rambling. Time for the eye candy. The fiirst pic is where I was before I started last Sunday & the second is where I finished up last night. I'm about halfway up the right side.
Also included a pic of the nasty white stuff.
I almost forgot its TUSAL time of the month.
Also someone asked one time how I keep track of my rotation. Here is a pic of how I store them.
My DH does legos as a hobby (he's retired) & he gets lots of help.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Right now as I type it is 7 degrees F outside with a 15mph WNW wind. What a good day to stay inside & stitch. I'm not going out in this. I'm not crazy. The sun is shining though so it looks nice out. No snow or rain in the area. Yeah.
Last week I got to spend some quality time on Sundae Delight by Randal Spangler. I was sick on Monday so stayed home from work & on Friday I had a scheduled day off. I managed 1477 stitches last week.This week I will be stitching on Treasure Quest also by Randal Spangler.
I am really enjoying all 10 HAED's in my rotation.
Without further ado here are the pictures you've all been waiting for as I ramble on. First are before & after pictures of Sundae Delight.
Next are pictures of my babies, Elvira, George & Brandi.
Till next time stay warm.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy January

I have joined a modified Crazy January Challenge on one of my Yahoo groups Stitching Sisters. Since I only stitch on huge HAED's it was decided that I can count page finishes this year. I have entered all 10 of my HAED's in the challenge. They are in no particular order: The Astronomer,Train of Dreams,Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate, Sundae Delight,Treasure Quest,Afternoon Tea,Computer Catastrophes,The Universe in a Jar, Midieval Shelf & Reading by Firefly Light.
Since Reading by Firefly Light was my new January 1st start it in the first in the challenge. I actually got alot of stitching in this week & I am happy to say I have a finish. I started at the bottom left & I finished the page.(DH says I cheat because it is only a partial page)but I say it's still a page no matter how small. I put in 1136 stitches last week. Not bad since most of my stitching time is after work when I'm tired. Granted I did have Monday off for the holiday but still...
Today I am switching to Sundae Delight (yes Caite it is up next). More banana.
The pictures(in whichever order blogger allows) are my working copy of RBFL & what I accomplished this past week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. See you next Sunday.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


DH & I actually managed to stay up until midnight last night to ring in the New Year. At 5 minutes past midnight I put the first stitches into my Jan 1st start Reading by Firefly Light a Randal Spangler piece by HAED.
This is a SAL with my friend Evalina and also part of a challenge on a couple of my yahoo groups Stitching Sisters & The Stitcherhood.  For both I will be counting page finishes rather than a full finish.
I also finished a week in rotation on Train of Dreams. I really enjoy this one when it comes up in my rotation.
We had a great Christmas. Very quiet which was good for me. My son Matt & his girlfriend Becky(who I love to death) came on Christmas Eve. They had spent Thanksgiving here so had to go to her family for Christmas. Then on Christmas Day my daughter Sabrina & her husband JR & my other daughter Jessica & her boyfriend Nic (who I also love) came for dinner & gifts. All in all a very enjoyable holiday.

I have joined the 2012 WIPocalypse so will be posting about that once a month. Also Daffycats TUSAL which is also supposed to be posted about once a month. I had joined last year but never could remember to take the picture. Hope to do better this year.

I collect Santa's & Santa cross stitch charts. I made out on both counts this year. My DH & DD got me a beautiful Clothtique Santa & my friend Lucy from another group I belong to One over Oners RAKd me with A Portrait of Father Xmas from HAED.

Pictures for today are in order from top to bottom (or however Blogger let's me post them).
Train of Dreams taken last Sunday before the week in rotation.
Train of Dreams taken 12/31/11 after the week in rotation.
My TUSAL for 2011.
The Santa I got for Christmas from DH & youngest DD.

That's all folks