HAED Rotation

Monday, July 27, 2015


I really should update my blog more often. Lazy,lazy,lazy. In my defense I have been stitching a lot.

One bit of news. I retired in February after 30 years with the same company. Seems I got out just in time because a couple of months later the business was sold to another company. Good timing on my part as my retirement stays with the original company. I do know the others who were close to retirement don't know what will happen now.

I have completely gone off of my proposed rotation for this year. I actually did an entire month on each project then in May I was blindsided by Train of Dreams and have been stitching on it exclusively since then.

We will see how much longer this has me in its grip. So far nothing else is even whispering even though I think about them while I'm stitching. I think Train has been threatening them. LOL.

Bye for now..Happy Stitching.