HAED Rotation

Sunday, February 24, 2019


Wow time is really flying. I have again switched projects. I was at a good stopping point on Play Ball so I switched to Computer Catastrophes.

Here is where I was last time on Play Ball.

      and here is where I stopped.
Isn't that the cutest face?

Computer Catastrophes is my March rotation piece. I started this way back 6/5/11. Last worked on 7/17/17 and then other things clamored to be stitched so it got put away.
Now time for some love.

 I am making pretty good progress.

I have more stitching time right now as we are in the midst of Snowmageddon.  We have received well over 20inches this month and the forecast is for 6-10 more inches by Wednesday. Also has been below 0F for most of the month.

Please make sure to check out the other members of this SAL. They are stitching some very nice projects. Also if you would like to join us please contact Avis for details.
We are also welcoming Sharon to the SAL.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


I made good progress on my Hawk Run Hollow SAL. I am doing this SAL with friends at my LNS.
We meet every Tuesday from 12-3 to work on this. Some of us are doing Halloween and one girl is doing Map of HRH.

I'm pleased with today's progress.

Till next Tuesday. Happy Stitching

Sunday, February 3, 2019


I made some more progress on Sundae Delight. Here is last time and where I was when I put it away.

As I have stated before I switch projects every month. For February my project is an HAED that I am stitching for my son. He is a big baseball fan so this is appropriate for him.  This is Play Ball HAED. Artist is Randal Spangler.

Making pretty good progress.

Also I am participating in a SAL at my LNS. We are all stitching different Hawk Run Hollow charts. I am working on Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow. We meet every Tuesday from noon to 3pm so that is the only time I work on this one.

And finally nothing stitchy related but fabulous all the same. Keep in mind I live in town. This was my front yard this past week. Total of 7.

Also what is happening here today.

There are a lot of talented people who are contributors to this SAL. Please don't forget to check out their fabulous stitching. Also welcome to our 2 new members Carmela and Jocelyn.

Happy Stitching.