HAED Rotation

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Stitching Buddy & a Restart

Let's start out by saying HI Everyone. Now that that is out of the way we can get down to business.

First up is my stitching assistant Elvira who takes her job very seriously.

This one is "Gee Mom are you sure that's right?"

And this is "What? Am I in your way?"

Next is Jim's restart on Echo of the Buffalo by Teri Rosario. If you remember the silly man didn't  listen to me & started this 1 over 1 on 25 count lugana. Since he "Saw the Light" he has been busy restarting it 2 over 2 on the 25 count Lugana. This is his progress in 10 days. He is slightly past the point where he was when he started over.

Last but not least is my progress on Afternoon Tea. Again I got myself into a situation where I was getting bored with it. The section I was working on was large areas of black.



So what's a girl to do when she gets bored. Not stitching is not an option so I pulled out Reading by Firefly Light & have been happily stitching away using pretty greens,blues & browns. Pictures of this will be added next Sunday.

Well that's all for now. See you next week.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

TUSAL and an Epiphany

Cold and rainy here today & my energy level matches the weather. Probably wouldn't be so tired if I hadn't stayed out past midnight last night. It was a good time though. Yesterday was the 12 hour Stitchin at my LNS. Of course we always stay much later & then I have a 40 mile drive home. Well worth it though. We stitch,we eat, we stash,we go out to dinner & then we stitch & stash somemore. I was pretty good about the stashing part. I only picked up 6 small JBW designs

I also took some pics at the Stitchin. The ladies were all very busy. Here are a few of the projects being worked on.

Sorry, but blogger will not let me put the pictures across.
It is also TUSAL & I am a day late as usual. You can see all the black & blue I was complaining about in my last post. This is my TUSAL so far this year. If I keep stitching as much as I have been I will need a new container before December.

I'm not done yet. I did a week on Sundae Delight last week. Made good progress. Was so good to stitch with the yellow.

I have resurrected my rotation so this week I will be stitching on Afternoon Tea by Randal Spangler. HAED.

Oh & I mentioned an epiphany. Jim decided after 800 stitches that I was right (should there have been any doubt). He has started Echo of the Buffalo by Teri Rosario over. This time he is stitching 2 over 2. I keep telling him he should listen to me. It would have saved him a lot of work.

Have a great week everyone

Sunday, April 15, 2012

From Black & Blue to Yellow

No I'm not talking about a bruise. LOL. I'm talking about Village Bookstore  & Sundae Delight.
For the first time since I started my rotation (other than giving The Universe is a Jar extra time) I have switched projects early. As you know most of my projects lately seem to have an inoridinate amount of blue in them. Now I like blue but sometimes I get tired of it. The part of Village Bookstore that I have been working on is mostly black & navy blue. By Friday I knew I was tired of it because I would sit for long periods with it in my lap and not put a stitch in. On Saturday afternoon I was just staring at it. Sooooo I thought about it & said to self "Hey it's my rotation & I make the rules so I can change the rules". Then I considered all of the pieces in my rotation & realized that most of them have blue or black as the main color where I'm stitching except for 1. Out came Sundae Delight. I am stitching the banana. Beautiful,bright YELLOW. Not a blue stitch in sight.
Jim is making good progress on Echo of the Buffalo but occasionally asks me "Why am I doing this over 1?".My reply is "I told you to do it over 2." They just never listen.
Okay I've blabbered enough so will post the pictures & then leave you alone.

Echo of the Buffalo  HAED  Teri Rosario
Village Bookstore  HAED  Randal Spangler
Sundae Delight  HAED Randal Spangler

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Not much to talk about today so this will be short & sweet as they say. Jim & I made good progress on our April 1 starts for the HAED SAL. Jim got in around 400 stitches this week. He is doing his 1 over 1 on 25 count lugana. I did better than he did though. I have 995 stitches in . His is looking really good though(it is so small). Hopefully he will not be blind by the time it is finished.
I will not be rotating this week. I am going to do another week on Village Bookstore. All the other projects have been extremely quiet this week.
No big plans for today. My youngest daughter Jessica & my son Matt & his girlfriend Becky are coming for dinner. Having ham, green beans & baked potatoes. Yum.
Well, enough said. Here are the pictures.

Village Bookstore  Randal Spangler  Doing on 28 count Mushroom Lugana 2 over 2

Echo of the Buffalo Teri Rosario  Done on cream lugana 1 over 1.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day

Good morning all,

It is a beautiful sunny day in New England. Not too long of an update today as I slept in & I really want to start stitching soon,

Last night at midnight Jim & I started our HAED SAL pieces that we are doing with my 2MuchXS group at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/2muchXS/. Come & join us. It is a great group.

Jim is stitching Echo of the Buffalo by Teri Rosario. He is doing it 2 over 1 on 25 count Lugana.

I'm not quite that crazy. I am doing Village Bookstore by Randal Spangler. Mine is 2 over 2 on 28 count Lugana.

Jim says I am cheating because I do mine 2 over 2. Silly man. I'm not crazy.LOL. The only crazy thing I have ever done was marry him 37 years ago.

I am also posting a picture of last week's progress on The Universe in a Jar by Randal Spangler. Sadly it will be put away for a week while I work on Village Bookstore.  I am going to revive my rotation also since the other pieces have started whispering to me that they would like another turn in the rotation. So before they start yelling loudly I am going to go with a week on one piece then a week on TUIAJ then another piece etc.
That way I can calm my obsession with TUIAJ & keep the others from yelling. That's the plan anyway & you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice & men.

Withouth further ado. Pictures.