HAED Rotation

Monday, July 27, 2015


I really should update my blog more often. Lazy,lazy,lazy. In my defense I have been stitching a lot.

One bit of news. I retired in February after 30 years with the same company. Seems I got out just in time because a couple of months later the business was sold to another company. Good timing on my part as my retirement stays with the original company. I do know the others who were close to retirement don't know what will happen now.

I have completely gone off of my proposed rotation for this year. I actually did an entire month on each project then in May I was blindsided by Train of Dreams and have been stitching on it exclusively since then.

We will see how much longer this has me in its grip. So far nothing else is even whispering even though I think about them while I'm stitching. I think Train has been threatening them. LOL.

Bye for now..Happy Stitching.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


One of my so called resolutions this year is to post more here. I have really be slacking.

I have set up a rotation for 2015. I will be focusing on the 4 Spanglers that I am stitching for my kids.

January----The Universe in a Jar---for Jessica

February---Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate---for Sabrina

March--- Medieval Shelf---for JR

April---Play Ball---for Matthew

May---The Universe in a Jar

June---Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate

July--- Medieval Shelf

August---Play Ball

September---The Universe in a Jar

October---Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate

November---Medieval Shelf

December---Play Ball

I am also in a competition with 2 other stitching friends to see who can go the longest without a new start this year.  Must stay focused, must stay focused.

This is my starting point today on The Universe in a Jar.

I hope everyone has a very happy, stitchy, stashy year this year.

Till next time

Saturday, August 2, 2014

It's been awhile.

Hello everyone.

It has been a long time. I have been stitching just haven't been motivated to blog. My friend Scott has started a stitching blog which can be seen at http://tattoodstitchingplace.blogspot.com. This is what motivated me to post again.

My latest obsession is Travelers by Myles Pinkney. I started it on 7/21/14. It is 2 over 2 on 25 count Lugana.  Progress pictures below.

Only blogger knows for sure why it won't let me put these pictures in rows 3 across. Oh well.

I have also begun collecting needle minders. My collection is growing slowly but surely.

This is not the entire collect just what I have out at this time.

If you want some unique and wonderful needle minders check out


Okay I have bored you enough for now. Hopefully will see you soon.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Finish for DH

My husband is also a stitcher but doesn't have a blog. I publish his progress & finishes here. He recently finished Heavy Going Grizzley. I love it.


I had to change my March rotation. I will be working on Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate instead of Midieval Shelf. Hanging head in shame I started and did a whole page of Midieval Shelf going the wrong way on my fabric. I will be ordering another piece of fabric for it so it will move down in the rotation.
In January I made good progress on Waterhole Master by Penfound.

In February I made really good progress on Playball  Randal Spangler. This one I am stitching for my son Matt.

For March I will be stitching on Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate Randal Spangler.
This is my starting point. I am going to finish working down to the bottom. I prefer to stitch up and I started this one at the top for some reason (the cat).

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I finally figured out my Crazy 2014. Since I only stitch HAED I am doing a modified one. Mine are all WIPS & I will be stitching on one each month.
January--Waterhole Master Penfound
February-- Play Ball Spangler
March-- Midieval Shelf Spangler
April-- Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate Spangler
May-- Enchanted Christmas Snowman Gelsinger
June-- Universe in a Jar Spangler
July-- Train of Dreams Spangler
August--The Astronomer Pinckney
September-- Gandalph Cross
October-- Boo Spangler
November-- Computer Catastrophes Spangler
December-- Afternoon Tea Spangler.

This list is subject to change except for Feb,March,April May & June. I am stitching those for my kids.
I hope to post a before picture on the 1st of each month & an after picture on the last day of each month.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shoes Shoes Shoes

 Blog Hop 17

What’s your favorite footwear for stitching? Or perhaps I should say your favorite lack of footwear when stitching…

I had to giggle when I read this topic. I usually stitch barefoot or with just socks on. When I get home from work the first thing to go is my shoes (even before my coat).  I usually sit Indian style in my stitching chair (it is huge) so shoes or slippers won't work.

 To participate check it out at