HAED Rotation

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


On the Yahoo group I belong to (Friendly Stitchers) we do WIP Wednesday so I thought I would just carry on here.

Had a pretty good stitching day yesterday. I think I am on the home stretch with this jar (hopefully). I am really tired of blue right now. I did manage to do 232 stitches yesterday so I am happy with that.

Weather here is trying to make up it's mind. We are supposed to get some snow but so far just rain showers. 35F today so may snow yet.

Here is today's starting point.

Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I was a bad girl and did not post on Saturday or Monday. Saturday  was stitch group so was gone all day and forgot to take a before picture (shame on me). On Sunday I posted my SAL update but did not do a stitch count or any of that. Monday I did not put in one stitch. Never even looked at it. Wasted day playing games and  cruising the internet. I did read some blogs which is always inspiring.

Sunday's stitch count was 268 and as I said Monday was a big fat 0.

Here is today's starting point. I am determined to finish this jar soon.

Till tomorrow. Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Wow. 3 weeks seems to fly by. Time for an update on TUIAJ for the SAL I am participating in with some lovely and talented stitchers.

Last time you saw it it looked like this.

I was hoping to have a page finish by this update but that didn't happen. I am close but as they say no cigar. I think I am starting to suffer from blue burnout. I will carry on though so that I can get to some other fun colors.

Here is what it looks like now.

If you really want to be inspired visit the blogs of the other ladies in the SAL. They are a very talented group of stitchers and all are working on great projects.
Till next time happy stitching.


Friday, February 17, 2017


I had a good day at stitch group yesterday. I have decided not to stress about how many stitches I do a day. I will still count them for the group I belong to but if I don't get many done a day so be it. I don't want the pressure of worrying about it. Yesterday I did get 194 stitches done. As one of my readers says that is 194 stitches I don't have to do today.

Here is today's starting point. I am having a flare up of my arthritis so will not be moving around much today. Hoping to get a lot of stitching done.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Well that's better

I had a better stitching day yesterday. Mostly confetti but I kept my nose to the grindstone and did 244 stitches. I'm getting there with the blue finally.

Weather here is great. It has been sunny and yesterday it was 62F. In Montana in February. LOL. Told Jessie not to get used to it. Spring in Montana doesn't come until around the end of May. We will soon be back in the snow and cold I'm sure. Will enjoy while its here though. Seems we moved from Massachusetts at the right time. They are getting slammed.

I have put a potato and cheese soup in the crock pot & all of my chores are done. I have stitch group this afternoon so dinner will be ready when I get home. Hopefully I will be able to stitch more today than I did on Saturday. Not as many people to chat with on Thursday. LOL.

Here is my starting point today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Well getting a late start yesterday and all the confetti stitching I did I only got 89 stitches done. Oh well better than nothing. Also watching Arrival while trying to stitch was not a good plan. Awesome movie but had to pay attention so stitching just sat in my lap for long periods of time.

Should be better results today. I have done all my chores, run all my errands, there are leftovers in the frig so I am going to sit and stitch.

Today's starting point.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Late start

I'm getting a late start on my stitching today. Had to take the DH to a doctors appt. Now waiting to hear from physical therapy about his shoulder. He is trying to fall apart on me. LOL.

We did stop for lunch at a new restaurant today and it was really good. We have a place called Mongolian BBQ here in Great Falls & I had been hearing great things about them. It was all true. The food is fabulous. We had Pho and really loved it. Definitely will be going back there.

Now on to the fun stuff. I only did 140 stitches yesterday. I think I am suffering from blue overload. (snicker). Hopefully I will be able to move on to another color soon.

Here is today's starting point.

Off to stitch now. Later on will be watching Arrival.

Happy Valentine's Day to all