HAED Rotation

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Good grief it's that time again. Unfortunately I have been bad and switched projects again. I just could not stitch on The Astronomer so I switched to this cutie. Play Ball by Randal Spangler HAED. I have been stitching a lot since I switched to this one.

Here is what it looked like when I got it out and what it looks like now. I am pleased with my progress

The weather here is so nice I have been sitting on the patio everyday stitching.

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Now for the more.

Stitching is not the only thing I have been up to in the crafting department. I finished the cowl for my son's girlfriend.

I finished my daughters knitted scarf.


I have put several rows on my crocheted afghan

And I have started this for ME.

All in all a very productive month of May.

June may not be as productive as my 2 oldest children are coming for a week the end of the month and I am so excited. Haven't seen them of a year. So much to show them and do with them.

Till next time hope everyone has a wonderful crafty month.


Friday, May 19, 2017


I have been making good progress on the Welted Cowl I am knitting for my son's girlfriend. She will be here the middle of June so I need to get going and get it finished. I am a little over half way.

My stitchy bug has returned and I am working on Play Ball  Randal Spangler HAED. This one is for my son who is a huge baseball fan.

Off to stitch now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.


PS: I am linking to the following for Knit & Natter Friday


Monday, May 15, 2017


Wow. Another post so soon. What am I going to bore you with today. LOL.

My husband Jim knows me so well. He bought me this coffee mug for Mother's Day. My favorite color and everything. See men do pay attention sometimes.

I also made some progress on The Astronomer yesterday. Slow but steady.

Last week my oldest daughter Sabrina sent me the best needle minders ever. My grand puppy Harley.

And last but not least I am knitting a cowl for my son's girlfriend Steph. Progress so far. Love how the colors are distributing.

Okay. I'll let you go now that you are sufficiently bored.

Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.


Sunday, May 14, 2017


My stitchy bug still seems to be on vacation. He has popped in occasionally so a very little bit of progress was made. I changed projects because I thought maybe he was bored with the other one. I am now working on The Astronomer by Myles Pinkney (HAED). It is the one that began my obsession with HAED charts. I feel guilty till this month I have not touched him since 2014. (see previous blog post)

Here is what he will look like when finished.

Here is what has been done so far on the entire piece.

Where I started this time around

And the minuscule amount of progress I have made.

Hopefully I will have more progress to show in 3 weeks.

If you really want to be inspired by some beautiful stitching check out the blogs of my fellow SAL members and if you would like to join us you can contact Avis for details.

Monday, May 8, 2017


I was doing so good stitching and blogging everyday. Then I fell off the wagon. My stitchy bug decided to take a vacation (I think he was a little miffed because I was also knitting & crocheting). He seems to be back but demanded that I switch projects. Okay with me.

I decided to work on The Astronomer by Myles Pinkney. This is the project that started my obsession with HAED charts. I started it on 2/13/10 and worked on it for awhile until another one caught my eye and I had to start it also. You know where this story is going. He kept getting put away and then taken out for a short while then put away again. Looking at my notebook I keep for this project( each project has their own notebook) I haven't a stitch in to the poor thing since 6/16/14. I feel so guilty for ignoring him for so long. He is out now and I plan on doing a marathon on him. Here is my starting point today and an overall picture of progress. Please excuse all the wrinkles. Apparently the last time he was out I was in a hurry and didn't fold him properly.

Almost forgot this picture. What it will look like when done.


Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.

Till tomorrow


Sunday, April 23, 2017


It really doesn't seem like it has been 3 weeks since the last update. Unfortunately not much progress has been made. It seems that my crochet bug and my knitting bug ganged up on the poor stitchy bug and he ran away from home.
I did make a little progress on The Universe in a Jar.
Here is last time.

This time

This is a closeup of where I was working

There are a lot of talented stitchers taking part in this SAL. Please stop by and check out their updates also. If you are interested in joining us please contact Avis to get the details.

AvisClaireGunCaroleLucyAnnKateJessSueConstanzeDebbieroseChristinaSusanKathyMargaret, HelenStephLindaCatherineWendy, Mary Margaret, Timothy

As the title says there are other things I have been working on recently.

I finished my daughters huge granny square afghan. Yay.

I am also taking a knitting class and finished 2 dishcloths and started another (no picture of start yet).

I gifted the dishcloths to my best friends mother who can no longer knit but she admired them while I was knitting them.

My crochet bug also started yelling that since I had finished the afghan I needed to start another one so this happened.

I am using my own colors to use up some of my yarn so that I have room for more. Simple half double crochet so easy peasy.

I also started knitting a cowl for my daughter. Hopefully I will have enough progress on the cowl for my next post.

Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.


Friday, April 21, 2017


Apparently my stitchy bug has decided to take a vacation. Hasn't been seen since last week.

That's okay though because the knitting and crocheting bugs are here to keep me company.

This week I finished my daughter's huge granny square afghan. Boy was I glad to see the last of that. LOL.

I also finished 2 dishcloths that I started in my knitting class.

I have also started a cowl for my daughter and will be doing 2 more dishcloths with different patterns for my knitting class.

Actually the weather is very conducive to these activities. Cool and raining. Good weather to stay in and knit.

Off to knit now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.

Till tomorrow.