HAED Rotation

Sunday, January 1, 2012


DH & I actually managed to stay up until midnight last night to ring in the New Year. At 5 minutes past midnight I put the first stitches into my Jan 1st start Reading by Firefly Light a Randal Spangler piece by HAED.
This is a SAL with my friend Evalina and also part of a challenge on a couple of my yahoo groups Stitching Sisters & The Stitcherhood.  For both I will be counting page finishes rather than a full finish.
I also finished a week in rotation on Train of Dreams. I really enjoy this one when it comes up in my rotation.
We had a great Christmas. Very quiet which was good for me. My son Matt & his girlfriend Becky(who I love to death) came on Christmas Eve. They had spent Thanksgiving here so had to go to her family for Christmas. Then on Christmas Day my daughter Sabrina & her husband JR & my other daughter Jessica & her boyfriend Nic (who I also love) came for dinner & gifts. All in all a very enjoyable holiday.

I have joined the 2012 WIPocalypse so will be posting about that once a month. Also Daffycats TUSAL which is also supposed to be posted about once a month. I had joined last year but never could remember to take the picture. Hope to do better this year.

I collect Santa's & Santa cross stitch charts. I made out on both counts this year. My DH & DD got me a beautiful Clothtique Santa & my friend Lucy from another group I belong to One over Oners RAKd me with A Portrait of Father Xmas from HAED.

Pictures for today are in order from top to bottom (or however Blogger let's me post them).
Train of Dreams taken last Sunday before the week in rotation.
Train of Dreams taken 12/31/11 after the week in rotation.
My TUSAL for 2011.
The Santa I got for Christmas from DH & youngest DD.

That's all folks


  1. Your update looks great! Sounds like you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year! The Santa is cute too.

  2. great update, and a happy new year

  3. Sounds like you got spoiled rotten! Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year! Thanks for sharing your progress!

    Melissa J.

  4. You have a good start for 2012. Happy New year.

  5. Happy New Year! I linked here from your post at Friendly_Stitchers yahoo group. I love Randall Spangler, I am currently doing Sanctuary of Knowledge. I look forward to following you progress.

  6. You always have the loveliest updates on your blogs Cindy.. Have a fantastic new year filled with joy, love, and gobs and gobs of stitching accomplishments,

  7. Happy New Year! You've made a lot of progress it looks like on your Train of Dreams - I'm really loving the colors!

  8. Lovely progress on all these pieces! Happy New Year!

  9. Great progress!!
    I have a DIL that I love to death!

  10. wow great progress..
    happy new year.
    love cucki xx

  11. Great progress on Train of Dreams and like the new pattern you are starting.

  12. Love Reading by Firefly Light; what a great chart! Can't wait to see your progress.

  13. Sounds like you had a great Christmas and you are well organized for your New Year stitching. The train of dreams is coming along very well.
    I wish you all the best for 2012 and many pleasant stitching times.

  14. Great progress and love Reading by Firefly Light, what a cute chart! Happy New Year to you!

  15. Sounds like you've had a wonderful holiday season. Your WIPs look good. Good luck with your 2012 goals.

    Happy New Year, Cindy!

  16. Happy New Year, Cindy! Great progress on Trains. :D

    P/S. I don't know why I'm not showing up as a follower on your blog, hrrrm.....

  17. Lovely things Cindy. You made good progress on ToD. And I love that portrait. It's wonderful. Ah, another one on the wish list.