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Monday, September 14, 2015

Good Grief

It is a beautiful, cool, sunny day here in New England. My favorite time of year. Due to a query on a Yahoo Group (Friendly (Enablers) Stitchers I took some pictures of my craft room. I have been stitching for over 30 years and I have been collecting stash for that long also. We were supposed to count how many charts, kits etc that we have either on the go, kitted up or waiting in line. I would be counting for years so I opted to take some pictures.
When I first started stitching I stitched a variety of things but in 2008 I discovered HAED and well everything else instantly became a UFO. I also later discovered Tilton Crafts and PaineFree and the addiction grew. I know that I have over 100 HAED charts and at least 5 or 6 each f Tilton and PaineFree. Oh and I forgot. I also discovered Mystic Stitch- 16 or 17 of those also.
I have 20+ HAED's, 4 Mystic Stitch, 2 Tilton and 1 PaineFree started. Another 20 or so HAED's kitted and am working on getting fabric for more. I am a stitcher & I am addicted. I also do not want a cure. I am happy as I am.
These are the pictures I took of my craft room today. Please excuse the mess. I am in the process of sorting things out but with no AC in that room not a lot gets done in the summer.

The stack of boxes are all WIPs that are in progress as are some of the bags. I am still buying boxes to try & keep them all organized. Each box contains the chart, floss, fabric, q snaps and magnet board for the project.

Well now that I have confessed I will go back to stitching on my current WIP which has had ahold of me since the end of May and I don't see it letting go anytime soon.
Train of Dreams.


  1. Ha! I had to laugh when i thought of counting my charts/patterns. Love your Train of Dreams. I have UFO's, too. Trying to finish a couple a year.

  2. Train of Dreams is looking wonderful. That is some collection :D I'm kinda jealous ;)

  3. You are so much more organized than I am .... I don't even know where all my stash are.... I've only moved a year ago in August.... hahaaa....!!
    Train of Dreams is just wonderful - makes me want to stitch it too :D (not telling anyone I have over 40 WIP's/UFOs in just stitching.... )
    Oh, I've "only been" stitching for 10 years *lol*

  4. Wow! I admire stitchers who do BAPs like HAEDs.

  5. I think you are really well organised actually Cindy! It's a great system you have. Love train and one day I will be starting my own train too.
    xo Alicia