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Sunday, January 7, 2018

WIPocalypse SAL 2018

Apparently I have lost all my good sense since I retired. I have now joined this SAL on FB. I find it hard to focus on stitching if I have set a goal. I usually just stitch on whatever takes my fancy at the time. I am also addicted to HAED, Tilton Crafts and Paine Free full coverage pieces so all of my 30+ WIPs are full coverage. I may finish at least one in this lifetime. I like to have a lot of pieces to choose from but I think I need to really get some progress on these things. I have only set a goal for January so far as if I try to project into the future all is lost and I change my mind when the month arrives.
So for January I will be focusing on two HAED's. The first on is my oldest HAED and the project that got me hooked on these charts. Please meet The Astronomer. Myles Pinkney is the artist. I started this poor fellow back in 2010 so now need to make some significant progress. I will be working on this one Mon-Fri.

The second focus piece for this month is a new start for another group on FB. (note to self:must limit time on FB LOL)
This is Coming to Room. Artist is Jan Patrik Krasny. I will be working on this one Sat/Sun.

These are it for now. We shall see what February brings.

Happy stitching everyone.

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  1. Those are two massive projects, Cindy, and I would LOVE to see them in all their finished glory!!