HAED Rotation

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recent Progress on my HAED Rotation

I have been stitching even though I couldn't blog about it. My current rotation is all HAED. I am stitching:

The Astonomer-Myles Pinkney

Train of Dreams-Randal Spangler (SAL with Caite)

Chocolate,Chocolate & More Chocolate-Randal Spangler

Treasure Quest-Randal Spangler

Sundae Delight-Randal Spangler (SAL with Caite)

Afternoon Tea-Randal Spangler (SAL with Mouse)

Computer Catastrophes-Randal Spangler (SAL with Evalina)

Midieval Shelf-Randal Spangler

I will be adding:

Astronomer-Randal Spangler in 2 weeks

Reading by Firefly Light-Randal Spangler in January (SAL with Evalina)

I also have The Universe in a Jar & Play Ball ready to go but don't plan on starting them any time soon.

I have decided to concentrate on buying the fabric for all my future WIPs while I am still working & can afford it. That way when I retire I will have plenty of projects to keep me busy.

I have been hitting the floss sales at AC Moore to stock up on floss.

All I need now is several lifetimes to be able to stitch all I want to.

Here are a couple of current progress pictures. Sundae Delight & Treasure Quest.


  1. That is quite an ambitious list you have in rotation! I looked them up and there are a few I would love to add to my list one day!

  2. I see you are after my own heart.. I have TONS of patterns I want to complete. For me to finish them all I would have to start today and finish one Every other Day!!

  3. Nice progress and list of projects!

  4. What a pain! I had no idea that would happen! How are you doing on the SAL with Mouse, I haven't nagged her for a while!

  5. You have a lot of HAED's going. Sundae Delight is looking fabulous so far!

  6. Nice progress and a good idea to stock up while you can

  7. wow, that is a lot of HAEDs to have going.Great progresses.

  8. Both look good Cindy. Grats on the progress. And I think maybe you like R. Spangler, lol. I've got three SALs running, and a fourth one sort of running (we're not doing it on a certain day, but just whenever) but most of them are small. ToS is small, the ornies for my ornie SAL are all small, and Jesus is med. Story Keeper is large, and it's an HAED too. That's the one I'm working on in rotation, instead of on a certain day of the week. Good luck getting more progress on your lovely WIPs, and what a good idea to buy up your fabby and floss ahead of time so you can stitch once you've retired. I wish I had done that!

  9. good luck with Spangler, I am also looking for several lifetimes available....

  10. Wow, that's only what I can say... I'm speechless... congrats on all WIPs! Today I'm going back to my CC and I will work on it to the end of the month. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  11. That's a great rotation - wow!

    If you need some community stitching boosts, I don't think you're that far from me. I'm part of a group that gathers monthly at the public library in Warwick, RI for a few Saturday hours to stitch. You're welcome to join us any time!

  12. WOW!! Now that is a rotation!!!!! I am impressed.

  13. Great progress. love the pieces you are working on.