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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's a Blog Hop

"Have you ever had a case of the “stitching blahs” where you just didn’t want to stitch? Or maybe it was more like you didn’t get to stitch because you were busy and that created a chain reaction sense of the “blahs” and led to even less stitching…. sort of like a case of “the Mondays” that we are all familiar with. How do you handle your stitching blahs and get back into stitching mode?"

I don't think I've ever had the stitching blahs per se. I have had periods when I was bored with what I was stitching on & have not stitched as much as I ususally do. Since I have started stitching HAED's I am usually not bored. I have 10 of them started in my rotation so even if I start getting bored with one I have others I can switch to to relieve the boredom.

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  1. 10 HAEDs?? Crazy! I cant event stand to do one of their little ones. LOL Which is a shame since I bought so many of them in years past. Glad you found a way to beat the blahs!

  2. I do not have stitching blahs also!

  3. 10 HAEDS? Yowzers! I can barely manage one.

  4. Holy Moly! 10 HAED's? Will you finish them in this lifetime? lol

  5. Hello

    Found your blog through Stitching The Night Away, I just joined up too.

    I don't think I could ever manage 1 HAED so I admire your 10!
    I only have the blahs when i have to unpick over and over again. It only lasts for a few days though!

  6. Glad you never have the stitching blahs Cindy...because I love following the progress on your HAEDs

  7. Wow...10 HAEDs... that's really impressive! I'm so glad you don't get the stitching blahs. They are really a bother!

  8. I can't find time to stitch 1 HAED at the minute never mind 10! As soon as I finish Noah's Ark my Spangler is getting set up no matter what. I only get the blahs when I'm so exhausted that I want to fall into bed right after the kids.