HAED Rotation

Sunday, October 16, 2016


I have been following a SAL for quite some time now and finally decided to join in. The ladies are stitching some beautiful projects and I am honored to be included.
I will be stitching on my Chocolate Chocolate and More Chocolate. Artist Randal Spangler. Charted by HAED.
Here is my starting point for the SAL. Hopefully will have lots more done by next post on Nov 6.

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  1. A SAL is always a great way to keep motivated. Good luck.

  2. Welcome to the SAL! You have a yummie embroidery to start with :) I will add your name and link next time. See you in three weeks!

  3. Welcome to the team! Lovely piece you've started, can't wait to see the next stage. Got you on the list for next time.

  4. Must be a very motivating SAL - but the I think SALs are always motivating.
    A nice project that you chose for the SAL.

  5. Wow Cindy I didn't realise how much you have actually completed on this one. I've been seeing your fb updates but just on your starting and finishing points each session. You're going great guns on this one. Beautiful job stunner
    xo Alicia