HAED Rotation

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I knew when I moved home what winter in  Montana was like. My best friend kept telling me that the winters haven't been bad for the last few years. Yeah right. It is Oct 11 and it has already snowed 3 times. Granted not much more than a dusting but it is really early for this to be happening. And it is snowing again today.
I am prepared though. I have all my stitching planned out and my daughter has assured me that she will do the outside errands if the weather is bad so I can hibernate.

I have been making progress on my cupcake. Much more fun than the stack of Oreos.

I also received a new chart as an anniversary(41 years) from my DH. Halloween is my favorite holiday & I fell in love with this when I saw it. Didn't hurt that it was on sale.

Time to sign off and stitch now but can't leave without a picture of my stitching buddy Elvira. She works so hard. LOL

Have a great day everyone.



  1. Gorgeous progress on Chocolate. Love your new chart as well. Hope the snow doesn't get too bad, though hibernating does sound like fun.

    1. We have just been getting a dusting. Doesn't even completely cover the grass.

  2. Nice progress on Chocolate and what a great new chart! Boo to snow - grew up in Canada's Northwest Territories and saw enough snow to last several lifetimes. That's why I'm a west coaster now.

  3. You made some nice progress on your huge project. And the new chart looks gorgeous.
    Snow, brrr, even when it's only a dusting. I just don't like it but since I'm retired I don't need to drive in it any longer.

  4. Great progress! Too bad about all that snow meaning you have to stay inside and stitch. :D

  5. I know you will think this is crazy but I'm so envious of anyone that lives in an area that snows. Just don't get anything like that in Sydney. Great progress on your Spangler and I love the new chart. Halloween is my fav occasion too. Elvira has such a beautiful coat, love her name too
    xo Alicia