HAED Rotation

Thursday, November 24, 2016


I am all browned out. Haven't really been stitching much the past couple of weeks. Just a few stitches here and there. Then it hit me. I NEED SOME COLOR IN MY LIFE. So I have switched from CC&MC to The Universe in a Jar. It has been squealing lately and I figured out why. Haven't stitched on TUIAJ since 5/2014. Poor thing.
I will get back to CC&MC eventually but for now you will be seeing updates on TUIAJ.


  1. Both these designs look fun so I will look forward to seeing them both grow sometime in the future. I love big projects but sometimes its just so hard to keep your focus on one when there are so many others grumbling in the wip basket lol. My main reason for joining this group to try and keep focus.
    Thank you for the warm welcome

  2. Yep brown can get boring. Love the change up to Universe in a Jar. Now you have lots of colours to play with. Have fun
    xo Alicia