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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Time for a SAL update

I have recently joined a SAL with some really supportive and wonderful ladies. We post our progress every 3 weeks. Hoping that their support will motivate me to make significant progress on Chocolate Chocolate & More Chocolate which I would like to finish before June 2017. HAHA.
Here is where I was when I joined the SAL.

And here is where I am today. Not as much progress as I would like but I'll take it.

If you would like to join us contact Avis for details.

Also please check out my SAL mates to see their wonderful projects.

Avis at http://sewingbesidethesea.wordpress.com
Claire at http://claire93.wordpress.com
Gun at http://rutigt.wordpress.com
Carole at http://aslightobsessionwithbooks.wordpress.com

LucyAnn at https://lucyannluna.wordpress.com
Jess at https://everthecrafter.wordpress.com
Sue at http://sewingmagpie.blogspot.com
Constanze at https://textiledreamer.wordpress.com
DebbieRose at https://sewrosey.wordpress.com
Christina at https://petalsandpins.wordpress.com
Susan at http://susanpblog.wordpress.com
Kathy at https://livinginrapidcity.wordpress.com
Margaret at https://thecraftycreek.com/
Helen at  http://stitchingranny.wordpress.com.

Till next time. Happy stitching everyone.


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one grow. It's a huge undertaking. However, looking at what you've stitched before, I'm sure you'll finish it for your deadline :-)

    1. I hope so. Hopefully you guys can keep me focused.

  2. Every stitch moves you forward - at least, that's what I tell myself. I'd like to make better progress too! I can clearly see you've worked on it. How big is the finished thing going to be?

    1. It says 21 x 14 inches but I stitch over 2 so mine will be larger.
      You're right every stitch counts. Like yesterday when I only did 12 stitches. LOL

  3. Cindy I think you're being too hard on yourself. It's amazing progress. Keep going I think you will smash that deadline xo Alicia

  4. You can see the difference, so progress. That is such a terrific pattern.

  5. But still a progress :) Well done!

  6. you're a very brave stitcher ^^ I've often admired HAED designs, but I really don't have the stamina anymore for that kind of project

    1. Not really hard. Just big. One stitch at a time.

  7. This is looking great,, Cindy! I see Great Falls....Montana is a beautiful state, and not too far from SD!