HAED Rotation

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Wow. Just realized that I missed the last SAL update. Sorry about that. Really didn't have anything to update at that time. I was flitting from project to project trying to find one that would hold my interest for more that 5 minutes. I was doing a lot of knitting and crocheting in that interval but that doesn't count here. I finally found something that is holding my interest. This is an old, old, old UFO that I started back in 2003. It was charted in Stitcher's World in 2002-2003. There are 6 parts and it was charted for either needlepoint or cross stitch. While I do needlepoint occasionally I decided to do it as cross stitch. It is called Cottage Garden Rug. When I picked it back up after all these years here is what it looked like.

After 3 weeks it now looks like this.

When finished it will look like this.

Hopefully it will continue to hold my interest at least until the next SAL update.

There are a lot of talented people taking part in this SAL. Please go over to their blogs to see all the wonderful things they are stitching.

Till next time.



  1. My oldest UFO was over 40 years old when I finished it (it took me two evenings to finish it!!) This looks a very pretty design, very summery :-)

  2. This looks like a lovely design! And at least you know how old some of your UFOs are - I'm not sure I know that with all of mine!

  3. Very pretty and it looks like it'll be quite a challenge. Looking forward to watching this grow.

  4. A very pretty piece which I am sure will be stunning when complete. I am sure with the group behind you encouraging its continuation you will complete it.

    1. I hope so. It has been hanging around long enough.LOL

  5. What a great embroidery! I do hope you´ll finish it some day (don´t feel any pressure :) ).

  6. It can be fun to pick up an old UFO. This is a beautiful piece, and the design is timeless. I can't wait to see your next update. --Andrea

  7. What a lovely design. You made great progress.

  8. I love it, beautiful colours and such a great design. Good luck with your progress for the next SAL.
    xo Alicia