HAED Rotation

Sunday, February 16, 2020


As you all know I have difficulty sticking to one project. I have found that the 24 hour rotation is working for me. So far I have worked on 4. One of them only for about 3 hours as it just wasn't holding my attention as it is smaller than the rest. I am calling this my #YearofSpangler.

So far I have done 24 hours on each of the following:

Midieval Shelf

Reading by Firefly Light

Mushroom Inn

Poor SK The History of Chocolate only got 3 hours

And finally the current project (hope you're not bored yet)

Computer Catastrophes

Till next time. Happy stitching and don't forget to check out what all the other talented people (who have a longer attention span than I do are working on.)


  1. Wow, that is a lot of stitching time and progress too on your projects. Well done. I find my eyes,being old, start to feel a bit of strain so I have to really pace myself.

  2. That is a boat load of stitching!! You made such great progress on all of your projects!

  3. I like the Year of Spangler idea :-) That's an amazing amount of stitching! I can see some of those projects are huge!!

  4. I'm always amazed at how you manage to switch from one very large project to another - great progress on all.

  5. I can see why you've declared this your YearofSpangler! Glad the rotation is working out for you. :-)

  6. Wow! So much stitching time. :) Being a huge Spangler fan, I love seeing your updates! Beautiful work.

  7. Great progress! I just love your embroideries!

  8. Good Lord girl that's a lot! They are huge projects. What are your plans for them when finished?

  9. I love the Year of Spangler! Great progress on all your pieces.
    Your header picture always makes me smile too.

  10. I'm so happy that we have multiple Spangler projects in this stitch-a-long -- I love those dragons!!! You've accomplished a lot!

  11. Blimey - you put me to shame. Love the dragon, he is so cute!