HAED Rotation

Monday, May 8, 2017


I was doing so good stitching and blogging everyday. Then I fell off the wagon. My stitchy bug decided to take a vacation (I think he was a little miffed because I was also knitting & crocheting). He seems to be back but demanded that I switch projects. Okay with me.

I decided to work on The Astronomer by Myles Pinkney. This is the project that started my obsession with HAED charts. I started it on 2/13/10 and worked on it for awhile until another one caught my eye and I had to start it also. You know where this story is going. He kept getting put away and then taken out for a short while then put away again. Looking at my notebook I keep for this project( each project has their own notebook) I haven't a stitch in to the poor thing since 6/16/14. I feel so guilty for ignoring him for so long. He is out now and I plan on doing a marathon on him. Here is my starting point today and an overall picture of progress. Please excuse all the wrinkles. Apparently the last time he was out I was in a hurry and didn't fold him properly.

Almost forgot this picture. What it will look like when done.


Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.

Till tomorrow



  1. Love your project
    Looking so awesome
    Love and hugs x

  2. I've seen pictures of this one stitched up before. It is quite a nice picture. Glad that you've got your stitchy bug back and are working on it again. I look forward to seeing an update picture.

  3. I have a couple of "those" designs and I just van not get myself to start them!

  4. Unfortunately other projects always catch our eye and we always have to start them RIGHT NOW! Don't worry, there will be plenty of time to stitch everything! LOL Love the cowls you have been making. Look forward to seeing more of The Astronomer.

  5. Beautiful work on this one so far and I'm a firm believer in stitching what's calling to you loudest. Good luck progressing on this one!

  6. The astromoner is a great piece!

  7. Love the HAED pieces but its so hard to tell what they are going to turn into when you are stitching them. I have one called Such is the way of Fairies, and I have not done a lot so it just looks like some sort of blob at the moment.

  8. Good luck keeping your nose to the grindstone with this one!

  9. Wow good job! I haven't been on fb for several days but I agree with the consensus. Looking forward to it, looks like it's going to be a colourful ride.