HAED Rotation

Thursday, March 16, 2017


I got beautiful stitchy mail today all the way from England. My friend Michelle (also known as Mouse) from the yahoo group Friendly Stitchers that I belong to sent me a wonderful ornament as part of an exchange. I don't usually participate in exchanges but since she didn't have a partner for this exchange she decided to make it for me. I LOVE IT. It is in my favorite colors also. It will hang in a place of honor in my craft room.

I filled in some more confetti yesterday and also stitched some more blue. I'm getting there. 217 stitches yesterday.

Here is today's starting point. Again it is Thursday which is stitch group so not sure how much I will get done. I am also working as a greeter tonight at a local art show that my best friend is displaying at.

Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.

Till tomorrow