HAED Rotation

Monday, March 13, 2017


Well what do you expect in Montana in March. Love the weather. Still have some snow on the ground but nothing in the forecast so far.

I made good progress yesterday. Did a bunch of confetti stitches at the bottom of the lid and finished a blue section at the top.

I didn't post my stitch count for Saturday yesterday as it was a 3 week SAL post.  So Saturday (at stitch group) I did 199 stitches and yesterday I did 186 stitches.  Total stitches for the week 1,222. Not bad but hoping for better this week as no appointments etc. Plenty of stitching time.

Okay I'll stop blathering now. Here is today's starting point.

Hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day.

Till tomorrow



  1. Love the red and blue. It is such a nice, bright piece!

  2. Beautiful! We're getting a nor'easter tomorrow, so we'll be set for snow after that