HAED Rotation

Saturday, February 25, 2017


I love green. Especially after all the blue I just stitched. I have a great stitching day yesterday. I did 495 stitches and most of them were green. Hopefully I will have a page finish soon. Possibly by the end of the weekend.

I am off to stitch group today and we know how distracted I get there but I will persevere and possibly will get something done. LOL.

It is cold again here. 19F but says it feels like 8F because of the wind. Sun is shining and no clouds in the sky yet. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow though.

Here is my starting point for today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful stitchy day

Till tomorrow



  1. Pretty shade of green and looks great with the blue

  2. The colours are so lovely and bright! How nice to start another colour.

  3. Beautiful green and so nice to have a good change in colours. We're in the 50s and it's going to rain later. Not right for VT, I hope it doesn't affect the maple syrup.